A.P. Seyranian and A.A. Mailybaev

Multiparameter Stability Theory with Mechanical Applications

(World Scientific, New Jersey, 2004)


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This book deals with fundamental problems, concepts, and methods of multiparameter stability theory with applications in mechanics. It presents recent achievements and knowledge of bifurcation theory, sensitivity analysis of stability characteristics, general aspects of nonconservative stability problems, analysis of singularities of boundaries for the stability domains, stability analysis of multiparameter linear periodic systems, and optimization of structures under stability constraints. Systems with finite degrees of freedom and with continuous models are both considered. The book combines mathematical foundation with interesting classical and modern mechanical problems.



Майлыбаев А.А., Сейранян А.П.

Многопараметрические задачи устойчивости. Теория и приложения в механике

(Москва: Физматлит, 2009)


A.A. Mailybaev and A.P. Seyranian, Multiparameter Stability Problems. Theory and Applications in Mechanics, Fizmatlit, Moscow, 2009 (in Russian).